Calculate New FAR in Gurgaon

Calculate New FAR in Gurgaon

Our Gurgaon FAR Calculator will give you

Calculating Floor Area Ratio – FAR in Gurgaon (As per local Building By Laws)

Step 1:

Check the Land Area Ratio (FAR) for your property in Faridabad from the table below. If you have your plot size in yards, don’t forget to convert it to sq. m. by multiplying it by 0.836. The following table applies only to land in Gurgaon.

Area of Gurgaon
Plot (sq. meter)
Permissible Ground
Coverage %
Real FAR
Purchasable FAR
1-75 66 165 99 264
76-100 66 165 99 264
101-150 66 145 119 264
151-200 66 145 119 264
201-250 66 145 119 264
251-350 60 125 115 240
351-500 60 120 120 240
501 and Above 60 100 140 240

Step 2:

Let’s take an example of 200 sq. yd. plot in Gurgaon. Convert 200 sq. yd. to sq. m. by multiplying it by 0.836 and the result is 167 sq. m.

For a 167 sq. m. plot in Gurgaon, the Free/Real FAR is 145 and the Purchasable FAR is 119. Hence the Total FAR is 264.


FAR = (Total area of all floors * 100)/ Plot Area


For a 250 sq. meters plot in Delhi the FAR = 300 (as checked from the table).

Therefore, Total area of all floors = (FAR*Plot Area)/100


Total area of all floors for 200 sq.yd. (167sq. m.) in Gurgaon = (264*167)/100 = 441.46 sq.m.


Total area of all floors in sq. ft. = 4751.84 sq. ft.

Step 3:

If you plan to use all of your property’s FAR in Gurgaon, Haryana Building By Laws allows you to build a maximum of 4 floors. Therefore, the footprint per floor is 4751.84 / 4 = 1188 square feet.

Note: balconies, mold parking lots, basements, elevator shafts and smog are excluded from the FAR calculation, this list is not exhaustive and some areas may be added as the drawing is completed.

Practical application of FAR

The most practical way to define the concept of area ratio (FAR) is to give an example. FAR 100 means that as a homeowner, you can build a one-story building on your property or a two-story building in the center of your property. FAR 200 means you can build a two-story building on your property or a four-story building on half of your property, and so on.

What are the benefits of setting AWAY for a city to its citizens?

Every city is like a structure and is therefore limited by the capacity it can withstand. Exceeding this capacity can cause various problems. FAR measures the resilience of a city to maintain the general welfare of its citizens based on many factors such as its ability to cope with natural disasters and others.