Comparing our cost with what if owner built the home himself

To really answer that question, we compared how much it actually costs owners to build their own homes versus Archies Builders, who build them on a turnkey basis. The specs used are similar to the Archies Builders Essential package compared to someone building the same specs themselves.

We have taken an example of building a stilt and 4 floors on a 200 sq yds plot of 30 ft by 60 ft in Delhi. Summary is

Our Pricing – Details

Plot owner building himself Approx Rs. 1.99 cr.
Archies Builders on turnkey basis Fixed price of Rs. 1.77 cr.
Plot owner saves More than Rs. 22 lacs

How is it possible?

It is widely believed that Archies Builders is expensive because it is profitable and has office and staff costs. So if the landlord builds the house himself, he can save this money. Comparisons actually show that this is not true due to direct wholesale material purchases from the company, better labor, better work efficiency and wastage, and less construction time.

Reference documents:

To view job details priced at ₹ 1.77 cr. If the property owner builds his own house, click here.