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All that you’ve imagined for your dream house, making all those tiny details come alive isn’t an easy task. But, it gets possible and a lot easier with us who believe in working dedicatedly, to meet all your requirements and provide you with a hassle-free house building experience for you. Here are a few key features that we offer:


At, Archies Builders, quality and creativity are what we aim for. More than hundreds of creative brains work on the uniqueness of our designs and more than 50 architects work on the quality and executing the project. Unlike others, we are a reliable construction company who builds the best quality buildings at a much reasonable price.

10 Reasons That Make Us 10X Better Than Others

  1. We have a wide variety of designs to offer which include urban designs, contemporary designs, high-end tech designs, and much more.
  2. Our policies are transparent and all commitments are made on paper which makes us a reliable and professional construction company.
  3. Our pricings are budget-friendly and so every one of you can build your dream house with us.
  4. You can track our onsite activities through our weekly updates from the site incharges.
  5. We use high-quality materials that you yourself can check and be satisfied as a customer.
  6. Vast and diverse experience, Building homes on plots of all sizes - from 88 sq yds to 1100 sq yds.
  7. Less rework, wastage and downtime through better systems and processes.
  8. Creating the right balance between price and quality. We invest more in core areas like structure, electrical, plumbing etc. to give strong, safe and low maintenance house for decades.
  9. We also build buildings which means any you choose can be customized as per your desire.
  10. Our structure is as per IS codes and we openly invite anyone to inspect it and review the drawings.

How much it costs to build a home?

We’ve made a comparison for you: if you build your home from Archies Builders, what if you build your own home by hiring an architect and contractor, providing your own materials, and managing the project yourself.
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Home building offers are very complex. Don’t get carried away by the initially advertised price. Compare offers with specifications, terms, payment plans and deals. Hundreds of things go into the house that most people probably don’t understand. As this is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions for a family, we recommend that you spend enough time finding the right builder. Send us a quote and we’ll do a free comparison for you.
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